Instant Review of Amazon Echo Dot – New Age Assistant

Have you ever wondered what is the little new gadget with those press buttons and a ring of bright light? That’s Echo Dot, one of the finest personal assistant developed by Amazon

I have been thinking about purchasing Amazon Echo Dot and finally managed to pick one to hear and see whether it is actually worth or not. Most of the write-ups I read online only spoke about the specifications, voice controlled commands, pricing but had limited information of its real time usage and experience. Being a tech savvy, I wanted to bring the closest personalized product review of Amazon “Alexa” Echo Dot for you to make a choice, should you really buy it?
  • Price & Music Subscription

Before you purchase it for a fixed price of Rs4499 (or $39.99), you need to reassure yourself that good things never come cheap and some really good things come with a recurring cost though it’s not a huge investment. If you want to mesmerize yourself with a world full of unlimited entertainment, then you need to have a membership of Amazon Prime Music too to complement your echo experience. Right now, Amazon is offering it for Rs999 in India and in the US for $119.

I must say, I am quite impressed with the features it provides and believe you me, in your daily chores once you open doors to this “Personal Assistant”, it will continue to surprise you every day. While this may look like an ordinary device but it is a smart and skilled device like an intelligent kid whom you’ll envy all the time.

Instant Review of Amazon Echo Dot – New Age Assistant 03

  • Skill Store

Like any other app store, Amazon offers a wide range of skills from Alexa Skills Store. These are similar to any TV channel and though this technology is still evolving, Alexa has managed to upscale to 1000s of skills in its store like Business & Finance, Food & Drink, Music & Audio, Shopping, Sports, News and the list is endless. The best things I like are, starting your day with a flash briefing and finally at the end of the day, soothe your mind with a calm binaural music. While you are away, it brings best educational learning experience for your kids too. Just say “Alexa, shall we play a quiz?

  • Connectivity

And that’s not all, it can even help you connect to your Bluetooth speaker and smart home appliances. I’ve tried some of these voice commands and there are many more.

“Alexa, wake me up at 6am in the morning.”

“Alexa, play Mi Gna from Super Sako”

“Alexa, give me some cricket updates”

“Alexa, turn off the living room lights”

“Alexa, pick a number between 1 and 10”

“Alexa, connect to my bluetooth speaker”

“Alexa, tell me a joke”

“Alexa, play some binaural music at level 4”

  • Receptivity

Next, are you thinking the same? What if I play it too loud? Will it follow me? This Echo Dot comes with a mono speaker, though it’s not so loud but does respond with just the right sound levels. Its inverted speaker pointing downwards is smartly placed so that it does not interfere with the 7 mics, placed well to receive voice commands. Even at the max volume of level 10, the receptivity of echo dot is really good to catch your commands from over 3-4 meters of distance.

Instant Review of Amazon Echo Dot – New Age Assistant 02

And, while I was reading this review to my wife, it just woke-up and gave me a ring of bright light! That’s how it has become an integral part of our lives. Hope you enjoyed this real-time instant review.

I’ll give this product 4 instaPoints out of 5!


Go for it… It won’t disappoint you ever! Click here to buy.

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