How to plan an amazing holiday in Goa 01

How to plan an amazing holiday in Goa

The beauty of any place is unexplored unless you soak into its culture. Among the best places to visit in India, Goa is one such place and isn’t complete until you’ve inhaled the true air of this former Portuguese colony

Some of the travel destinations are so overused that now it even sounds cliché to plan a vacation to these locations. I’ve been to Goa many times and every visit brings me a new experience. The only constant to this changing experience is, I follow my instinct over a planned itinerary from any travel portal.

How to plan an amazing holiday in Goa 03

I’ve been thinking what is this one thing which has really helped me to plan it so well but it seems its just not one, but five for me. And here are my 5 pillars to have a successful vacation in Goa and I hope this really help you too.

1. Accommodation

Most of the happening places are located in North, it is important you pick the right accommodation for yourself. These days, it’s just a click of a button to find the best property to stay but if you ask me then I would always recommend hotels like Le Meridien, Novotel or Ibis. If you are visiting with your family especially kids, then I would recommend “Le Meridien” as they have their “Family Zone” which has loads of fun activities for every age group and the hospitality is amazing. And, if you are a backpacker, then there are loads of economical hostels and rooms too available through AirBnB.

2. Mode of Transport

How to plan an amazing holiday in Goa 04

New travelers, don’t be hassled if you are planning to visit Goa for the first time. Though there is no Uber or Ola service but the best way to commute in this place is to rent a Scooter. Yes, you read it right! You can easily get a Scooter outside most of the hotels in Goa for a day rent of Rs 400 or so. Still wondering why Scooter? It’s cheap, easy to zip around the city and you can avoid traffic jams around major parts of the city. If you are travelling with your family or friends, then you can even rent a car or jeep like “Thar”, “Innova” or “Alto” anywhere between Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 per day depending on the season.

3. Restaurants, Food & Drinks

Now you have your Scooter, half of your travel worries should be sorted now. For a quick bite and groceries, you can always go to Newton’s, one of the best known hypermarkets in the town. For dine out experience, there are many places offering mouth-watering local delicacies and my personal favourites have been;

  • Lila Café for their Shack-style, German-owned cafe by a couple known for their hearty breakfasts and European dishes. Do try their shakes and German breads (This place is open from October to April only).
  • Antares for calming views of Indian Ocean and perfect location to watch the sunset. Master Chef Sarah Todd, left no stone unturned to marvel this restaurant. The electro music, the food and the most happening tourist crowd are the attractions not to be missed. Book your table in advance, and you’ll never regret the evening you’ll spend at this place.

Apart from these you must try Cohiba, Cantare, Fisherman’s Wharf, Cafe Mambos at Tito’s Lane and Brittos near Baga Beach.

4. Beaches

How to plan an amazing holiday in Goa 02

Goa is incomplete, if you haven’t visited some of the best known beaches. I started my vacation with Calangute, followed by Baga and then Sinquerim Beach. If these three were not enough, then you may explore Anjuna too. While you are near Anjuna, do not miss the night market in Arpora, it’s open between 4 PM and 11 PM from November to April. This night market is located at Arpora in North Goa, 4.3 kilometers from Anjuna beach.

5. Casinos

I always keep this at the end of my checklist. Though I do carry my luck, but I would rather keep during end days of my holiday to avoid any addiction LOL. If you know what I mean. There are many and Deltin Royale tops the chart. They even have a creche for kids where you can leave your kids with their attendant. Though I would recommend not to bring kids but if there is no option then you can try their facility.

Additionally, if you have patience and money to relax in the middle of the ocean, then board a Yacht! You can visit this link to find some of the best offers available.

How to plan an amazing holiday in Goa 05


My best picks and their instaPoints are:

Accomodation Le Méridien 4star
Mode of Transport Honda Activa 4star
Restaurants, Food & Drinks Lila Café 4_and_half_star
Beaches Baga Beach 3_and_half_star
Calangute Beach 4_and_half_star
Sinquerim Beach 4star
Casinos Deltin Royale 4star

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