Instant Review of Plantronics BackBeat Pro - ANC Bluetooth Headphones with Mic 01

Instant Review of Plantronics BackBeat Pro Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. So rightly said by Bob Marley and if you hear your music through a quality product then you cannot resist the temptation to immerse in it.

Today I bring to you my instant review of Plantronics BackBeat Pro Bluetooth headphone which has some amazing features, you’ll only get to know once you hold this product in your hand and put it right over your ear. So while it’s still placed inside the shopping store, let me share my first hand experience to help you make your mind.

Instant Review of Plantronics BackBeat Pro - ANC Bluetooth Headphones with Mic 021For me, music is life. If there is no oxygen then my music would keep me alive. I have been searching for a headphone which not only gives me a supreme sound quality but also fulfills my other needs in terms of wireless connectivity, mobile hands-free and other smart features. I’ve explored endless products on Amazon site and Electronic stores, and somehow my search narrowed to this Plantronics BackBeat Pro.

Before I share the specifics, let me bring you straight to some of the smart features…

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Hassled about those unwanted noise? Just slide the switch to activate or deactivate ANC.

Open-Listening Mode: Nudged by a nearby friend? No need to take your headphones off your ear. Simply tap the Mic button to hear your surroundings.

Auto Pause: Wish to take a break? Just take your headphones off, behind your neck. It will auto-pause your music, and wear again to continue music.

Answer a call: Got a call while the mobile is placed far? Tap the Call button on the right ear cup. To decline, press and hold the call button for 2 seconds.

Multipoint Connect: Need to pair more than 1 device? Solved! It can pair simultaneously two Bluetooth devices (2H2S).

Now, lets cover other aspects one by one.

  • Connectivity

If you hate those tangling wires like me, then you’ll be happy to know that this is a Bluetooth headphone which is easy to pair like any other bluetooth device. Once its paired, you don’t need to connect it manually, just simply push the power button up and it will auto-connect within a second to your existing paired device. Apart from Bluetooth, you can also connect this headphone using the auxiliary wire available with the headphone.

  • Charging

There is a micro USB cable available with the pack to charge this headphone and it takes close to 2~3 hours to fully charge this headphone. There are 5 LEDs available on the sides of ear cups to see the charge levels. One complete charge, can give upto 24 hours of continuous wireless sound streaming over Bluetooth and for me, I’ve used it for over 2 weeks without any need to recharge even after 1-2 hours of usage every day.

  • Sound Quality

Plantronics BackBeat Pro is at par with some of the high-end luxury brands. The sound of the speakers is so soothing, clear with the right base and doesn’t fades out even on the max volume. It’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature removes unwanted ambient sound using an effect called destructive interference.

  • Build Quality

Overall build quality of this headphone is good. I’ll tell you why I think its good and not an excellent. The headband of BackBeat Pro is covered by soft padding that provides comfortable support and feels opulent. However, with the regular usage there is a constant wear and tear and you will observe the upper lining of fabric worn out. In fact, there is a similar problem with the ear cushions too, the covering splits showing the inner sponge and you’ll need a cushion replacement.

  • Accessories

In terms of accessories available with this product, it includes a pouch which has a soft velvet lining inside the bag. Touch it and you’ll feel so nice. Be assured your headphone is safe and secured from any scratch.  

  • Customer Support

Quick to respond, and very supportive. Though I had build quality issues and even the warranty was over, the customer support was very kind and responsive to address my concerns. Not only they delivered the ear cushions quick, but replaced those free of cost. Now, that brings a smile and deserves an extra point.

I’ll give this product 4.5 instaPoints out of 5!


Click here to buy (There is also a PRO 2 model available on Amazon India).

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