01 Mo Amer - The Vagabond - 03

Top 5 Observational Stand-up comedy you shouldn’t miss on Netflix

One of the most difficult jobs is to make people laugh and if you have to do it with spontaneity then it becomes even more difficult.

There are many acts and genre you must have seen in the recent years, and out of those I think “Observational” needs a special talent to have an eye on things around you that can form an outstanding standup act.  There are few artists, who are now a global icon and have mastered this genre.

Today, I bring to you my top 5 stand-up acts from these top trending comedians on Netflix. Few may have gone unnoticed but once you’ll watch them, you cannot resist to give them a loud applause.

1. Mo Amer: The Vagabond4_and_half_star

01 Mo Amer - The Vagabond - 02

Mohammed “Mo” Amer is an American standup comic from Palestinian origin. His genre is observational, self-hatred, storytelling, improv and it’s character based comedy. In “The Vagabond“, Mo recounts his life as a refugee comic, from travelling with the name of Mohammed to his long path of citizenship.

2. Ron White: If you quit listening I’ll shut up4_and_half_star

03 Ron White - If you quit listening I will ll shut up

Ronald Dee White, known for carrying his cigar and drinks during his acts. His genre is country, observational, satire and blue comedy. In this standup act, Ron dishes out his signature brand of cynicism, riffing on sex, celebrity and sinister habits of wild geese.

3. Russell Peters: Almost Famous4star

02 Russell Peters - Almost Famous

Russell Peters needs no introduction, one of the finest comedians from Canada to get it first on Netflix. His genre is satire, observational, improv and at times insult comedy well-connected to his audience through his performance. In “Almost Famous“, Russell visits Toronto’s Massey Hall for a homecoming stand-up comedy performance throwing his trademark material of ethnic jokes and audience interaction.

4. Russell Peters: Notorious4star

04 Russell Peters - Notorious

One more from Peters, “Notorious” is another great performance from Sydney, Australia. In “Notorious“, Peters leaves no ethnic or cultural stereotype, unstrapped with his outrageous stand-up appearance.

5. Maz Jobrani: Immigrant3_and_half_star

05 Maz Jobrani - Immigrant

Maziyar “Maz” Jobrani is an Iranian-American comedian. His genre is mostly around observational comedy with classic satire. Immigrant is based on political environment in US and the jokes around anti-immigrant politics.

Have you watched any other hilarious act? Please share in the comments section.

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Image Credits: Netflix

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