Instant Review - Home Air Purifier Philips 1000 Series - Instareview 01

Instant Review – Home Air Purifier Philips 1000 Series

Civilization has unboxed new avenues for mankind however it has also severely impacted our environments. We are at a stage where we cannot eliminate air pollution but can at least control it.

Finally, we’ve opened our eyes to the air pollution levels and it’s good there are measures being put in place to combat it. This time of the year, specially during Dussehra and Diwali celebrations, the air pollution levels go crazy and some of the areas in north India are even worse and unbearable.

Instant Review - Home Air Purifier Philips 1000 Series - Instareview 02

Couple of days before Diwali, I asked my son how he would like to celebrate the festival of lights? Before I could even finish, he hastily said “No Crackers!”, and I am glad the little ones have understood it much earlier than us. At least schools are doing their job and its high time, we should practice at home too. I wish if there was a way to put a complete stop to it, unfortunately even after the cracker ban, I could still hear bungers around the street. People burst crackers wearing their mask seems like an oxymoron. Yes! do you think it could be better explained than this? ROFL.

So now what? We cannot do much about our external environment but at least we can control the quality of air inside our homes. In the years to come, if there is one product which is going to sell like hotcakes after smartphones, it has to be air-purifiers. I’ve had numerous arguments and debates on why we are getting paranoid over this and why not continue to live in a natural environment to let our body adjust. Really? Do we have anything natural around us anymore? Isn’t the air quality gone from bad to worse in these 20-25 years. So, why not control the affect? Whilst others may continue to argue, I’ve picked one “Philips 1000 Series Air Purifier” for my family.

I did a bit of research on how to pick the best air purifier for home and thought I’ll share my experience with you. If you are thinking to pick one soon then sit back, relax and read this post with patience. Hope you’ll find it really useful.

There are five major factors to consider while picking your optimal air-purifier.

  1. CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
  2. Room Size
  3. Filters
  4. Sensors (PM2.5)
  5. Maintenance & Customer Support

Philips 1000 Series has a boosted clean air delivery rate (CADR) up-to 260 m3/hr. It can effectively remove ultra-fine particles as small as 0.003 um. Also it filters out harmful gases such as TVOC and odour.

For my living room size of 360 sq ft, this purifier cleans air within 9 minutes. Though as per specifications it can even clean a room size up-to 672 ft² but that would take a little more time.

It includes HEPA (High efficiency particulate air) Filter which is a type of mechanical air filter, works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, dust mites, and smoke.

PM2.5 refers to atmospheric particulate matter (PM) that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers, which is about 3% the diameter of a human hair. The smart air sensor in Philips 1000 series can detect PM2.5 levels and even boost the air purifier’s speed to deal with the pollution.

In terms of Maintenance & Support, it requires weekly clean-up of pre-filter “C” which can be washed/rinsed under water. The other two filters “A” and “B” should be replaced once the healthy air protect alert is active. I received an additional free kit of filters with this product however these filters are also available online for approx. Rs 4000. With this product, you can also avail extended warranty up-to 5 years.

Some of the smart features available with this air purifier are:

Overall, I’ll give this product 4.5 instaPoints out of 5!


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