How to plan an amazing holiday in Singapore - Instareview - Jurong Bird Park

How to plan an amazing holiday in Singapore

Singapore, also called ‘Lion City’ is one of the best places to visit in the world. Due to its tropical climate and multicultural population, this city is most admired in the world by travellers.

If you are planning an amazing holiday in Singapore, then have a look at my personalized itinerary. I hope it helps you plan your 5 days visit to the lion city.

To have a fantastic International holiday, I recommend you should first sort the 3 most important things for any holiday:

1) How to commute:

In Singapore, I would highly recommend to use their MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system aka metro rail, which connects almost all the places on this island city. You can get a day pass for SGD 10 per person. For any nearby place, hire UBER but if you are travelling with a toddler or a child with height less than 1.35m then please ensure to book a family cab with child seat. Although, there are few government approved cabs like Comfort Taxi that even allows you without a child seat.

2) Where to stay: 

Once you are sorted about travel options then you should find a hotel which is in the heart of the city or nearest to metro stations. For my holiday, I preferred to stay in Fairmont Hotel as it has one of the best rooms and closest to the Merlion and Esplanade Park. You won’t regret as it’s so relaxing to walk in the evening around the city.

3) How to spend?

Finally, you should sort out how you want to spend money and for my stay, I preferred to go with both currency card and cash. It is so convenient to hire a cab through app using your currency card and at the same time, it’s safe and easy as well. For your flea market shopping, keep cash handy.

OK, we are all set to plan for our 5 days journey now. Since, there are too many things to do in Singapore so I suggest you break your journey into 5 days as per the regional areas.

#Day1 #FloralDome #CloudForest #OCBCSkyWay

On Day 1, get free & easy at your hotel and in the afternoon go and pick your MRT passes. I started my excursion with Floral Dome, Cloud Forest & OCBC Skyway. The view is amazing and this doesn’t take more than 3-4 hours followed by which you can step out to nearby places to explore the busy streets.

#Day2 #SingaporeZoo #ClarkQuay #Merlion #LightShows

On Day 2, during the first half of the day, try Singapore Zoo, an award-winning wildlife park to see animals roaming freely in their natural habitats. After you return from zoo, you can have a Riverride at Clark Quay and check-in to some of the nicest restaurants. There is no need to rush, take it easy, you should preserve your energy. After all you are here for a holiday and not a project. Isn’t it? So to relax at night, explore the Merlion and not to be missed, the famous Light Show.

#Day3 #JurongBirdPark #SingaporeFlyer #MarinaBaySands

On Day 3, this is going to be a long day as I recommend to visit Jurong Bird Park. I suggest you book your tickets online and start early to reach bird park before 10 AM for amazing shows like “Kings of the skies” which starts at 10:00 AM and “High Flyers” at 11:00 AM. You can even enjoy a tram ride at Jurong Bird Park and I am sure your family would love it. In the evening, I took a cab ride to visit Marina Bay Sands and ended my Day 3 with a full sky view on Singapore Flyer.

#Day4 #Sentosa #UniversalStudio #SEAAquarium #MadameTussauds #Beach

On Day 4, collect your bag packs, it’s time for Sentosa! Again a full day to explore SEA Aquarium, Trick Eye MuseumMadame Tussauds and Universal Studio. The entire day-time will go into these attractions and in the evening, relax at Siloso or Palawan Beach. It will be a tiring day, so treat your kids with some lemonades and yourself with a chilled beer. And, when the sunsets, transport to Hotel via MRT.

#Day5 #BugisStreet #MustafaCentre

On Day 5, I preferred to keep my shopping list for the final day. If you are in Singapore you shouldn’t miss Bugis street and nearest famous Mustafa Centre at Syed Alwi Road. If nothing excites, then at least pick your favorite souvenirs, a fridge magnet or “I love Singapore” t-shirt. 🙂

Wish you the best vacations!

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